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Cloud computing is the next big thing in the IT and digital world and it will have a profound effect on every thing accomplished through an internet connection. It is hard to imagine anyone using the internet whether it be for personal use, e-commerce or business that will not benefit from the advent of cloud computing.

Cloud computing services have three basic classifications: Software as a service (SaaS), Platform as a service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

Software as a service provides flexibility and huge cost savings by virtually eliminating the need for on premise software and a huge capital outlay for software, hardware and IT services. The software will be accessed from a cloud environment hosted on third party servers.
Platform as a service enables developers to build applications using a wide array of developer tools out in the cloud. This is the ultimate frontier for developers enhancing creativity, production, speed, networking, deployment and cost savings.

Infrastructure as a service are the data centers that will in effect house the servers that create the environment where multiple virtualized operating systems, cloud and IT services can run on one server on a pay as needed basics. Huge cost savings are gained by data centers using less energy, manpower and servers operating in a shared environment.

In the future the three main end user categories may simply be: B-Cloud business, G-Cloud government and C-Cloud consumers

What is cloud computing? Internet cloud computing services use along with services and software over an online protocol. The services will be accessed over the internet and the cloud is a metaphor for the internet.
Mainly cloud computing is a new Information Technology business shift to obtain and offer software, application platforms and data infrastructure services over the internet. This is not a fad and it is a major push as well as a cost savings initiative that most companies will soon embrace economically. Most of what cloud computing is all about is not readily understood by consumers today and this is predicted to change rapidly as this new concept unfolds. However consumers will experience and appreciate the flexibility and the online cost savings passed on to consumers by businesses using the cloud computing model.
The economic landscape requires a ramping up effect instrumental in introducing consumers to a new credit score auctioning and bidding platform designed with consumers in mind. Consumers can embrace a new innovative initiative a digital consumer cloud (C-Cloud).

Monetization-as-a-Service (MaaS) consumers can access online the monetization as a service application through the control panel. It is easy to sign up and register for the new service. A forth coming mobile app will make this even easier for consumers on the go using their smart phones.
Monetization: to give the character of money to; convert into money

Gain control of your valued credit using monetization and realize its financial benefit and overall monetary worth in the marketplace. Through credit transactions businesses of all types monetize consumers credit to harvest profits and financial gain. In the world today this is revered as commerce or the act of doing business as well as making money through credit and interest rate transactions.

Here is an astounding revelation. Consumers can now reverse the business monetization process and use the same principles to save money and interest making their own individual monetized credit transactions. Place your credit score out for bidding in the marketplace and stop allowing others to monetize your credit to your disadvantage causing you the consumer to settle for high interest rates based on your credit score.
The next evolution in the credit monetization process will enable consumers to use their smart phones to scan barcodes and immediately upload the product into the credit score auctioning and bidding platform to monetize their credit for a lower interest rate prior to making a purchase of a big ticket item. This will level the credit score playing field, empower consumers and bring interest rate cost savings into play with every consumer credit transaction.

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